Mission Statement:

The bipartisan Task Force on Anti-Terrorism & Proliferation Financing works to educate Members and staff on the status of national and international efforts to track and stop the flow of funds to terrorist groups. It is co-chaired by Reps. Stephen Lynch (D, MA) and Peter King (R, NY). 

How to Join:

If you would like to join the Task Force for the 116th Congress, please contact either Jaclyn Cahan at (202) 225-8273 of Rep. Stephen Lynch’s staff or Alan Carroll at (202) 226-8417of Rep. Peter King’s staff. 

What we are working on:

- Briefing on "Banking on War: Ending the abuse of South Sudan's banking sector by political elites and pushing for peace" with researcher Mark Ferullo. Ferullo discussed how the same banks used by US citizens can be indirectly used by kleptocrats in South Sudan to send their ill-gotten gains abroad or buy opulent houses overseas, ase well as how South Sudan's banks are interconnected in the global financial system, 11/30/2018.  

- Working with State, NSC, FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve, Treasury, FinCEN, and NCUA to devise a plan to address the remittances crisis facing Somalia due to the closing of MSB accounts at Merchants Bank. Without access to financial institutions, Somali Americans will be left with no viable options to remit money. This will increase opportunities for illicit activities as remittance flows are pushed underground.

- Successful amendment to Financial Services views and estimates for the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. The amendment prioritized the important role of the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

- Briefing on Terrorist Financing using antiquities with Professor Amr Al Azm of Shawnee State University and Professor Mark V. Vlasic of Georgetown University.

- Amendment to FY 2015 Financial Services Appropriations to increase the funding for FinCEN by $3.39 Million - received bipartisan support & is included in the bill that passed the House.